Terms of Use for outlines and tubes.

- To be able to buy a membership you have to have an active site of
which you have to send me the URL so that I add it in the column "Members".

- All the subscriptions are lifetime + License tubes.

The updates are not fixed.

- You have to join with your Paypal email.

- You can sell the creations made from my outlines,
because all the subscriptions are with License Tubes.

- After payment of the membership ,
you will receive your access codes to the members area,
a members logo or / and a tube license that you will have to place
within easy access on your site and link them to my site.


- Your access codes to the members area must not be revealed to anyone
nor will any refunds be given under any circumstances.

- For every item you display on a web page,
a link towards my site is compulsory.

- You have to have a 'no right click' and a 'no image toolbar'
on every page on which my graphics will be visible.


- What you make with my outlines belongs to you.
- You can make websets, adoptions, sigtags.
Use them for your personal use or them sell.
- You have to color them before using them.
- If you use your result to make papers IM or websets,
you have to add my link at the bottom of page: http://lilimandarine.com

- You cannot modify them nor re-size them
- Do not use my outlines to make your own outlines
- do not claim as your own, do not make tutorials with my outlines.
- You cannot offer them on your site, on cd or other.
- You cannot share them with your friends nor on groups as google, yahoo, msn
- once colorized, you can add other tubes etc to my outlines (characters, flowers,text)
- You can remove my credit on them


- You can make websets, adoptions, sigtags...
- If you use my tubes to make websets or papers IM,
you have to give me the credit.
- you cannot offr my tubes 'AsIs', or offer them on your site in a collection.
- You cannot modify them nor re-color them.
- You cannot write tutorials from my graphics.
- Not use them as it is, to make your own creations.
- You cannot modify nor exchange my tubes with your friends or
on groups as Google, yahoo, MSN.
- You cannot create outlines from my tubes.
- You cannot remove an element of tube to place it on another one.
- You cannot offer them on your site, on cd or other.

Tube Licenses:

- You cannot share your license with anyone else.
Every license is name specific.
- A license is valid only for a single site.
- You have to show your license in an easily accessible place on
your site and put a link in return towards:


Sigtags and Lili' Notes:

- are for your personal usage only. You cannot modify them
on any account or offer them in download.
- When placing your orders do not forget to clarify your name.
- 2 signatures per week.

Lili' Notes
- It is possible to print these Terms for general reference.
- You cannot modify them on any account or offer them in download.
For those who use my free outlines, terms of use are the same as for outlines.

Terms of use AS-IS

- Do NOT alter AS IS lines in anyway.
- Do NOT claim AS IS lines as your awn.
- Do NOT re-sell AS IS lines.

- You can offer lines in your memberarea but... you and your members
have to respect my credit and add the link of my site :
- You have to have a license tube of Lili Mandarine to make tubes.
- Your members have to have a license tube on your site
to make tubes with my outlines.


I reserve the right to add or to modify
these conditions in the course,
please re-consult from time to time